Principal Consultant: Fred DuVal

Called upon by presidents, governors and business leaders alike, Fred DuVal is known as a leader who crafts effective and lasting policy solutions.

Beginning his career under Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt, DuVal helped design AHCCCS, create the Phoenix freeways, fund the arts, expand state parks and improve education. Later, in the Clinton White House as director of Intergovernmental Affairs, he guided state implementation of federal welfare reform — a cornerstone of the Republican “Contract with America” and Clinton’s first term.

As a member of Arizona’s Commerce & Economic Development Commission, DuVal led the state’s 10-year economic development plan. As a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, he advocated for performance-based funding and new tools of accountability that reward universities for degree completion. He spearheaded the “Getting AHEAD” initiative, which redesigned university relationships with every community college district to improve the student transfer experience. He was selected to advise the nation’s 50 governors about higher education performance funding and degree completion as part of the National Governors Association’s “Complete to Compete” initiative.

DuVal is founder of the National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona, serves as a director for the University Medical Center, and led efforts to expand the University of Arizona’s Cancer Center into Phoenix.

Sought after by national and local media, DuVal has penned more than 30 guest columns on topics ranging from state budgets to green jobs to the need for a globally competitive workforce.  He has participated in more than 10 foreign delegations to Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

He is co-author of the 2005 non-fiction book, “Calling Arizona Home” — a collection of stories about Arizona towns and their history.

DuVal is a graduate of Occidental College and holds a law degree from Arizona State University.

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